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Monequo is your go-to fundraising team. We offer financial modelling services, pitch deck design and investment research to promising startups.

Your Financial Partner

Monequo exists to bring together exceptional entrepreneurs, great ideas and investment capital.

We're obssesed with Financial Modelling.

Yes it's a bit of a quirk. We believe a successful company is a company built on data. We work on historical data, KPIs, budgeting, forecasting and valuation.

Financial modelling and services for startups and SMB.

We love great design & storytelling.

We know the investor mindset, dozens of decks are sent their way daily- they need convincing from the start. We professionally design to-the-point decks with key information and a wow factor.

Professional pitch deck design

We have a large network of reputable business angels and a data base of over 6,000 investors around the world.

Monequo can review your fundraising material, your company valuation and your overall fundraising strategy.

How much do you need to raise? Where are your revenue opportunities? We'll provide you with an accurate and complete financial forecast.

Fundraising Team

Fundraising Consulting

Financial Forecasting

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We're here to help you grow, every step of the way.

Your financial team at your service for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and the totality of your financial strategy.

It all happens on the first slide. We'll build a beautiful, to-the-point pitch deck with a wow factor based on a consistent market research.

Wether you are at the idea stage or scaling up, we'll value your business with accuracy.

CFO on demand

Pitch Deck

Company Valuation

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Out of the box services

Our partners make us stronger.

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"Quality over quantity".
We work with selected clients to maximise our value to you.